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Phd students and research projects

  • Ballabio Nicholas 
    Thermally induced deformation and hazardous rockfalls in mountainous areas: implications to new strategies for geophysical early warning.
    Tutor: Sergio Vinciguerra
  • Buleo Tebar Victor
    Morphostructural analysis: key to detect tectonic signatures in drainage network systems
    Tutor: Giandomenico Fubelli
  • De Togni Marcello
    Lithostratigraphical and structural inheritance of Alpine Tethys Ocean: insights from Western Alpine belt and comparison with non-metamorphic analogues
    Tutor: Marco Gattiglio
  • Summino Luca
    Reconstruction of the metals zonation in the MVT deposits of the Gorno mining district (Alpi Orobie, BG) and their spatial relationship with Mesozoic faults: a possible useful tool for mining research
    Tutor: Carlo Bertok
  • Taboni Battista
    Development of an alert system based on smart sensors (ground and drone-connected) for monitoring rockfall and debris flow
    Tutor: Anna Maria Ferrero
  • Walter Jules Denis
    Paleogene origin and evolution of the most common crocodylians of Europe
    Tutor: Massimo Delfino
  • Wehrung Quentin
    Assisted mineral precipitation mechanisms in waste water from MSWI-ash treatment, by an approach environmentally sustainable
    Tutor: Marco Bruno


  • Licata Michele Camillo Gabriele
    "Innovative monitoring instruments for the prevention and protection of the territory".
    Tutor: Prof. Fubelli
  • Domenighini Giulia
    "Cobalt exploration for the development of a sustainable and resilient Economy in UE".
    Tutor: Licia Santoro
  • Paschetto Arianna
    "Analisi territoriale per l’approvvigionamento energetico di aree suburbane da fonti rinnovabili alternative: potenzialità ed impatti".
    Tutor: Bonetto Sabrina

  • Khoso Rasool Bux - Future water scarcity scenarios induced by climate change: decadal predictions and remedial measures
  • Santillán Quiroga Luis Miguel - Isotopic study of precipitation, surface water and groundwater of the Aosta valley (NW Italy)
  • Egidio Elena - Study of the consequences of climate change on the springs of the western alps.
  • Cocca Daniele - Impact of climate change on groundwater of the piedmont plain.
  • Vianello Davide - Monitoring of detritic castings: study of the interaction between the protection works and the geological and geomorphological characteristics of the basin
  • Shajahan Rasia - Rock-magnetic study of the mount Calanna dike swarm (Etna): implications for dike swarm emplacement
  • Gerbaudo Andrea - Earth science with/for education: a research to promote a teaching transdisciplinary.
  • Cotellucci Andrea - Growth of gypsum from saline solutions at variable red-ox conditions: implications for the Messinian salinity crisis
  • Di Luzio Emiliano - Deep-seated gravitational slope deformation in the central Apennines: a contribute to slope tectonics research
  • Pilade Francesco -  The flooding of the Mediterranean at the end of the messinian salinity crisis: fact or fiction?
  • Tognetto Federico - High mountains, human activities and climate change: multitemporal field monitoring along routes and around refuges of the monte Rosa massif

  • Thomas Alcock  Fluid triggered instability and slip related to volcanic edifice collapse 
  • Avataneo Chiara Asbestos in groundwater in Piedmont (NW Italy): sources, concentrations, mobility and mineralogy
  • Bernasconi  Davide Sustainability of emissions of an energy from waste plant: from CO2 emissions to bottom and fly ashes, towards their reduction and/or valorization
  • Corno Alberto Caratterizzazione stratigrafica, strutturale e metamorfica di unità tettoniche in contesti orogenetici (stratigraphic, structural and metamorphic characterization of tectonic units in orogenetic contexts)
  • Petroccia Alessandro Giovanni Michele Kinematics and P - T - D - t evolution of shear zones in collisional frameworks  
  • Sashi Tamang Along-strike variations of metamorphic CO2 outputs from the Nepal Himalayas: comparison between past production and the present emissions

  • Benetti Silva Beatriz Yuri  Kinematics and P-T-t evolution of localized deformation in collisional frameworks - comparison between a Neoproterozoic and a Phanerozoic hot orogeny
  • Boutier Antoine Genesis and migration of abiotic hydrocarbons in subduction zones
  • Giorno Michele Andrea Caratterizzazione stratigrafica e giacimentologica di depositi di tipo Mississippi Valley Type: implicazioni per il ruolo della circolazione di fluidi idrotermali e l’evoluzione tettono-stratigrafica dei bacini sedimentari. (Le aree di ricerca saranno all’interno del Dominio Sudalpino)
  • Hakobyan Elen Climate and vegetation history of biodiversity hotspots based on fossil plant material
  • Kurilla Laurie Jayne GIS supported methods for debris flow and runout path probability, with spatial data uncertainty visualization
  • Macaluso Loredana Neogene and Quaternary climatic evolution and the distribution of ectothermic tetrapods in Mediterranean Europe
  • Maffeis Andrea The dynamic of C-bearing fluids production, mobilization and degassing/fixation in UHP continental crust: the Dora-Maira marbles
  • Massimetti Francesco Telerilevamento termico di attività vulcanica: analisi ed implementazione del sistema MIROVA  
  • Robustelli Test Claudio Rock magnetism of shear zones in sedimentary rocks: study of exhumed analogues to understand modern convergent margins


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