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Phd students and research projects

  • Azeze Azemeraw Wubalem
    Study of thermal and chemical weathering effects on the physical and mechanical behaviour of carbonate bearing rocks
    Supervisor: Anna Maria Ferrero
    Co-supervisor: Linda Pastero, Franco Rolfo
  • Boero Federica
    Solid inclusions in garnet and diamond: an experimental-theoretical approach to understand their genesis and evolution. 
    Supervisor: Marco Bruno
    Co-supervisor: Stefano Ghignone, Fabrizio Nestola (University of Padua), Matteo Alvaro (University of Pavia), Mattia Gillio (University of Hamburg)
  • De Cesari Francesco
    A multidisciplinary and multi-scale approach to unravelling the tectono-metamorphic evolution and assembly of continental and oceanic lithosphere slices in Western Alps.
    Supervisor: Rodolfo Carosi
    Co-supervisor: Chaira Montomoli, Salvatore Iaccarino

  • Franco Federico Emanuel
    Impact of climate change on groundwater resources in mountain areas. 
    Supervisor: Manuela Lasagna
    Co-supervisor: Fiorella Acquaotta, Domenico De Luca

  • Marcelli Igor 
    Integrating methods of geological data for 3D subsurface modeling of synorogenic basins. 
    Supervisor: Andrea Festa
    Co-supervisor: Gianfranco Fioraso, Andrea Irace (CNR Torino)

  • Ridolfi Lorenzo
    The colonization of the deep sea by fishes: A paleontological perspective. 
    Supervisor: Giorgio Carnevale
    Co-supervisor: Giuseppe Marramà

  • Roà Matthieu
    Analysis of basement-cover interfaces and reconstruction of the pre-orogenic tectono-stratigraphy and Alpine tectono-metamorphic evolution of tectonic units from the Western Alps.
    Supervisor: Gianni Balestro
    Co-supervisor: Chaira Groppo, Carlo Bertok

  • Servetto Giulia Pia
    Abiotic and biotic models for the study of brain mineralogy.
    Supervisor: Ruggero Vigliaturo
    Co-supervisor: Francisco Ruiz-Zepeda, Alain Dieterlen, IRIMAS, University of Alta Alsazia, France

  • Zaniboni Linda
    Contaminated sites: study, characterization and remediation technologies
    Supervisor: Domenico De Luca
    Co-supervisor: Giovanna Dino, Manuela Lasagna, Fred Coulon


PNRR GRANTS (D.M. 117 grants)

  • Beretta Matteo
    Towards an ecosustainable sanitaryware production
    Supervisor: Alessandro Pavese 
    Co-supervisor: Rinaldo Sartori
  • Maggio Davide
    Rationalization of the slip-casting process to improve the sanitary-ware production sustainability 
    Supervisor: Mario Tribaudino
    Co-supervisor: Rinaldo Sartori



  • Yan Han
    Experimental and theoretical investigation of the link between electrical, elastic and permeability properties of geomaterials
    Supervisor: Cesare Comina
    Co-supervisor: Sergio Vinciguerra



  • Negri Arianna
    Innovative solutions for the management of geo-ecosystem services and environmental monitoring of mountains and piedmont areas
    Supervisor: Marco Giardino 
    Co-supervisor: Marcello Gonella, Rita Bertolani

  • Bensing Michelle
    Seismic response to volcanic process at Mt. Etna: coupling geodynamic simulations with
    wave-equation modelling. 
    Supervisor: Sergio Vinciguerra
    Co-Supervisor: Luca De Siena (University of Mainz), Giuseppe Puglisi (INGV Catania)
  • Campus Adele
    Contribution of VIIRS Imagery infrared bands (375 m) to the monitoring of effusive eruptions.
    Supervisor: Diego Coppola
    Co-Supervisor: Marco Laiolo
  • Dana Davide
    Unravelling the assembly, tectono-metamorphic evolution and coupling of slices of continental and oceanic lithosphere: a multidisciplinary and multi-scale approach.
    Supervisor: Chiara Montomoli
    Co-Supervisor: Salvatore Iaccarino
  • Franceschi Fabio
    Marine fish assemblages in the Lower Jurassic Konservat-Lagerstätten of Northern Italy: paleobiodiversity, taphonomy and paleoenvironmental features.
    Supervisor: Giorgio Carnevale
    Co-Supervisor: Giuseppe Marramà
  • Martinelli Pierluigi
    Paleoclimatic and paleoceanographic changes and their impact on planktic foraminifera in the Tyrrhenian Sea during the last 40 ka. 
    Supervisor: Rocco Gennari
    Antonio Cascella (INGV Pisa)
  • Nallino Enrico
    How deep is deep? Unravelling evaporite deposition in deep marine basins during the Messinian salinity crisis.
    Supervisor: Marcello Natalicchio
    Co-Supervisor: Francesco Dela Pierre
  • Nerone Sara
    Application of routinary vs. non-conventional petrologic approaches to understand metamorphic processes in collisional orogens: case studies from the Himalaya.
    Supervisor: Chiara Groppo;
    Co-Supervisor: Franco Rolfo
  • Storta Elena
    Geodatabase of Piemonte ornamental stones and its use in the Cultural Heritage.
    Supervisor: Alessandro Borghi
    Co-Supervisor: Anna d’Atri

  PNRR (D.M. 352 grants)

  • Gioiello Silvia
    The “Sustainable Economy Challenge”. Exploration and recovery optimization of Critical Raw Materials for the “green-transition”, toward zero-waste Circular Economy model.
    Supervisor: Licia Santoro
    Co-Supervisor: Alberto Cazzaniga (Minerali Industriali Ltd.)
  • Seitone Francesco
    Geognostic data monitoring and innovative analysis tool methods for landslide system investigation.
    Supervisor: Giandomenico Fubelli
    Co-Supervisor: Alessio Argentieri (Città metropolitana di Roma Capitale), Massimo Castellaro (Geo Contest s.r.l.)



  • Zhang Yu
    Using AE based machine learning approaches to understand rock degradation and fracturing mechanisms during freeze-thaw cycles.
    Supervisor: Sergio Vinciguerra
    Co-Supervisor: Anna Maria Ferrero, Gessica Umili

  • Buleo Tebar Victor
    Morphostructural analysis: key to detect tectonic signatures in drainage network systems
    Supervisor: Giandomenico Fubelli
  • De Togni Marcello
    Lithostratigraphical and structural inheritance of Alpine Tethys Ocean: insights from Western Alpine belt and comparison with non-metamorphic analogues
    Supervisor: Marco Gattiglio
  • Summino Luca
    Reconstruction of the metals zonation in the MVT deposits of the Gorno mining district (Alpi Orobie, BG) and their spatial relationship with Mesozoic faults: a possible useful tool for mining research
    Supervisor: Carlo Bertok
  • Taboni Battista
    Development of an alert system based on smart sensors (ground and drone-connected) for monitoring rockfall and debris flow
    Supervisor: Anna Maria Ferrero
  • Walter Jules Denis
    Paleogene origin and evolution of the most common crocodylians of Europe
    Supervisor: Massimo Delfino
  • Wehrung Quentin
    Assisted mineral precipitation mechanisms in waste water from MSWI-ash treatment, by an approach environmentally sustainable
    Supervisor: Marco Bruno


  • Licata Michele Camillo Gabriele
    "Innovative monitoring instruments for the prevention and protection of the territory".
    Supervisor: Prof. Fubelli
  • Domenighini Giulia
    "Cobalt exploration for the development of a sustainable and resilient Economy in UE".
    Supervisor: Licia Santoro
  • Paschetto Arianna
    "Analisi territoriale per l’approvvigionamento energetico di aree suburbane da fonti rinnovabili alternative: potenzialità ed impatti".
    Supervisor: Bonetto Sabrina

  • Khoso Rasool Bux - Future water scarcity scenarios induced by climate change: decadal predictions and remedial measures
  • Santillán Quiroga Luis Miguel - Isotopic study of precipitation, surface water and groundwater of the Aosta valley (NW Italy)
  • Egidio Elena - Study of the consequences of climate change on the springs of the western alps.
  • Cocca Daniele - Impact of climate change on groundwater of the piedmont plain.
  • Vianello Davide - Monitoring of detritic castings: study of the interaction between the protection works and the geological and geomorphological characteristics of the basin
  • Shajahan Rasia - Rock-magnetic study of the mount Calanna dike swarm (Etna): implications for dike swarm emplacement
  • Gerbaudo Andrea - Earth science with/for education: a research to promote a teaching transdisciplinary.
  • Cotellucci Andrea - Growth of gypsum from saline solutions at variable red-ox conditions: implications for the Messinian salinity crisis
  • Di Luzio Emiliano - Deep-seated gravitational slope deformation in the central Apennines: a contribute to slope tectonics research
  • Pilade Francesco -  The flooding of the Mediterranean at the end of the messinian salinity crisis: fact or fiction?
  • Tognetto Federico - High mountains, human activities and climate change: multitemporal field monitoring along routes and around refuges of the monte Rosa massif


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