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Final Defense

The PhD Thesis is written in English. Note that it is expected that the research work for the thesis should lead to at least one publications in peer reviewed journals.

The PhD Thesis can be written in one of the following ways:

  • Monograph
  • Collection of the topic of at least 2 "scientific papers" already published on ISI journals.
    The collection can be integrated with other published papers and/or submitted manuscripts. Articles and submitted manuscripts must reflect the topics of the PhD project. The collection must include an "Introduction" paragraph which details the reasons of the research work and a "Conclusions" paragraph which summarizes the most significant results. Repetitions among the articles and submitted manuscripts (e.g., Geological setting, Methods etc.) should be avoided. Each scientific article must be preceded by an “introductory paragraph” that frames the article in the research work covered by the PhD Thesis. The text must be complemented with the necessary supplementary material.

Please refer to the Doctoral school website for the list of requirements from University of Turin.

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