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CoordinatorFrancesco Dela Pierre
Deputy coordinator
Marco Bruno

The teaching and research PhD in the field of Earth Sciences (tertiary education) is managed by the Department of Earth Sciences.

From the XXXVII cycle the coordinator is Francesco Dela Pierre, deputy coordinator Marco Bruno.
From the XXXI cycle the coordinator is Anna Maria Ferrero, deputy coordinator Francesco Dela Pierre.
From XXVIII to XXXI cycle  the coordinator of the PhD in Earth Sciences was Fernando Cámara Artigas, deputy coordinator Anna Maria Ferrero. 
The XXVI cycle, with the reorganization of the Graduate Schools of the University of Turin, a PhD in Earth Sciences, part of the Graduate School in Science and Nature Innovative Technologies (Director Guido Boffetta). 
Until XXV cycle, the organization provided for the address of the PhD in Earth Sciences in the Graduate School in Science and High Technology (Director Elio Giamello). Coordinator of the address was Daniel Castelli, deputy coordinator Marco Gattiglio.

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